Bányai János Műszaki Szakközépiskola


Professions 2017/18
Our institution covers the traditional professions from our region as well as modern, fashionable professions on each teaching levels. In this way we adjust to the demand of the labour market. Our aim is to train young people endowed with appropriate general and professional knowledge which suits the European requirements.
Our students can get qualification in the following professions:
  • Electrician (secondary education)
  • Hairdresser (secondary education)
  • Sports - handball (secondary education)
  • Joiner (vocational training)
  • Textile confection (vocational training)
  • Mechanic-turner (vocational training)
Our school has the only sports class in Harghita county.
In our school students can acquire those basic technical trainings which are necessary for making technical drawings, managing the new technologies, realizing plans, maintaining computers and for continuing their studies. Nowadays more and more new technologies and methods are appearing and the old networks and systems have to be replaced.
Our graduates have good chances for finding a job since the taught professions are based on the demands of the labour market.