Bányai János Műszaki Szakközépiskola


Our eponym
Bányai János was a teacher, a geologist, a museologist, the founder and editor of the Székelység periodical. He was born on 6th November 1886 in Targu Secuiesc and he died on 13th May 1971 in Odorheiu Secuiesc.
His biography and his activity
He studied in Targu Secuiesc, then in Cluj Napoca, and he attended the pedagogical college in Budapest. He finished his studies in Jena and Berlin. In 1942 he got the doctoral degree in Szeged. He taught in Abrudbánya from 1908 to 1919, in Cristuru Secuiesc from 1921 to 1931 and in Odorheiu Secuiesc from 1931 to 1945. From 1931 to 1943 he was the editor of the Székelység periodical.
With or without name he published more than five hundred works in different weekly and daily papers. More than 100 scientific and educational works were published in Hungary in the Geological Bulletin, The Globe, Hydrological Bulletin, Science Bulletin, The World of Caves. In Romania he published his works in the Transylvanian Museum, Nature and in the Magazine of the Museums. He worked for more home and foreign research institutes.
His works were concerned with geology and usable mineral resources of Transylvania and Szekler land, mostly with mineral water, brown coal yards, natural gas and gold mining. As an appreciation of his scientific work in 1928 he won the Bugát Pál award from the Hungarian Geological Society. In 1965 he got the Golden Diploma from the Geological Association.