Bányai János Műszaki Szakközépiskola


The Bányai János Technical College is one of the biggest technical-vocational high schools in Harghita county. In our school students can choose from the following professions: textile, hairdressing, sports, joinery and construction. We try to satisfy the growing demands of the industry by training skilled workers and technicians.
Our school's present name was given in 1993. Our aim is to endow young people with appropriate professional knowledge which suits the European requirements. Our institution covers the traditional professions from our region as well as modern, fashionable professions on each teaching levels. In this way we adjust to the demand of the labour market.
Our students always obtain awards on olympiads in special subjects on county and national level. The Bányai János Technical College contributes to the developement of our region thanks to the professional trainings organized for adults, up to date materials and methods.
We want the professional-vocational training to regain the social and financial appreciation that deserves. We believe that value can be produced only by quality work and our country needs good specialists. Our school trains specialists who can build and create. We would like to live to see that the name of our school is equal to a trustworthy, demanding school which trains experts who proudly say: I was a student in Banyai. As a consequence of our effective work our students can succesfully begin their career on the labour market or they can continue their education at universities or in our school as well.